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Learning from Meander

Meander is an almost perfect symbol of what STEAM education and thinking is all about. It is the blended problem-solving application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

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Promoting Learning

Harnessing Living Architecture for Education

In the near future, we will be unveiling the Meander STEAM Curriculum, developed in conjunction with local teacher participation. It will offer schools an in-class study structure and a field trip program for students in which the Meander sculpture acts as visual inspiration and a teaching tool. The program is expressly created for grade 5 and 8 students and will promote their engagement and learning of standards-based content and vital higher-level thinking skills. It is based on how systems such as the Grand River and Meander constantly change and reorganize.

Students will get to bring the science, art, writing, and oral communication skills they have acquired in their schooling and lives to the Meander field trip experience to facilitate success in their problem-solving task.

Educational Resources

For interested teachers, we have supplied a detailed overview of the teaching curriculum for you to download and consider. Also supplied for download is an overview of the geometric fundamentals within Meander.

If you have curriculum feedback, questions or would like to book a class field trip, please email [email protected]. We’d love to get you involved. Further announcements and dates for curriculum launch will be posted here.

Meander STEAM Curriculum Interim Report

Download Full Curriculum

Geometry Kit: Archimedean Polyhedra

Download Geometric Learning Kit

A Message from Scott Higgins: President, HIP Developments

Unveiling Meander is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meaningfully participate in city building at a world-class level. Working with Philip Beesley has been enlightening to say the least and it is such a joy to bring this work to Cambridge — my hometown.

Meander was initially conceived as a way to add to the small cache of community stories that can unite those of us who live in Waterloo Region. Culture is nothing more than the stories we choose to tell about ourselves and while our community has stories, for some reason we forget to tell them. Our Grand River is something to be very proud of; Canada’s first watershed management authority and a hopeful example of how the right kind of intervention can bring a river out of near death and back to life — full of wildlife and even home to bald eagles.

It deserves stories just like other great rivers. And, as our region grows in diversity, we need more of those stories to unite us and give us common pride.

Considering our community’s creative problem-solving lineage, we also want Meander to become a destination for anyone wanting to truly immerse themselves in a new perspective and process for solving the challenges that face humanity. We especially want it to be a destination for the schools and the children of Waterloo Region.

Meander is just the first step in executing the vision of Gaslight Square where we can congregate outdoors year-round, socialize with neighbours and strangers and experience art installations that tells OUR river’s story.

I invite you visit this world-class work. Look up, meander a while and change the way you dream.